Our quality and safety


Food quality standards: accept nothing less than the best 

As food industry suppliers, we are deeply aware of our responsibility to meet the highest possible quality standards and safety measures. We aim to ensure these standards are met and continuously pursue improvements throughout our supply chain.

We work to the following principles and accreditations: 

Our incoming goods

  • Highest possible level of assurance when choosing raw material supplier
  • Purchasing from approved suppliers
  • Strict quality control led by our modern QM / QA labs

Our quality management/ food safety systems

  • ERP system for optimal process control
  • ISO 9001:2008, BRC, IFS certification

Our production security

  • Standardised documentation of production orders
  • Production of stabiliser systems that follow HACCP, GMP and IFS guidelines
  • Kosher, Halal and "Bio"  production of specific food systems
  • Environmental policy to conserve natural resources and maintain a healthy environment    Read more... 

Your food safety

  • Consistent process management via QM documentation
  • Delivery of finished products and stabiliser systems by approved shipping companies