Our market insight

Our market insight

Anticipate tomorrow’s trends today 

If global food markets developed along predictable lines, anticipating upcoming trends would be easy – though not very profitable. Of course, the market is not that predictable. Which means that for companies who are ahead of the curve, the rewards are significant. Tate & Lyle Food Systems gives you that advantage.

With our unique market knowledge banks and trend archives, we can analyse a diverse range of food markets, factor in local preferences, and integrate it all into an optimal industrial manufacturing solution.

And through our global network of experts, we ensure that product developments anticipate demand before a trend becomes established – giving you first-to-market advantage. To find out how our market insight can become your competitive edge, please get in touch.

For us, identifying a trend means answering many questions...

  • What trends are emerging worldwide?
  • How will regional markets develop?
  • How are consumer needs changing?
  • What industrial manufacturing processes will define tomorrow's products?
  • What are people going to be eating?

After analysing products and markets relevant to your food area, we’ll present you with the latest products from around the world, as well as our own prototypes, for you to taste, evaluate and compare on-site.